Tuesday, October 17th 2023 Dave & Chuck the Freak Full Show Download

03:15:01 Download October 17th, 2023

Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about flag football added to the Olympics, on screen actors that had no chemistry, a woman arrested after stealing her mom’s car & hitting her with it, a father and son gun fight over a weed eater, where 35 port-a-potties were stolen, a man that lost his jaw in a grizzly bear attack, a giraffe that fell onto a car at a drive thru safari, a 71-year-old virgin scared of women, things you find disgusting that everyone else thinks is normal, a guy that fought a kangaroo that was drowning his dog, a dog that was trapped in a cave with a bear for 3 days, Amazon using drones to deliver orders within an hour, a dude busted using a dead guys identification, a group of sumo wrestlers were too heavy to fly, and more!






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