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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about the Cleveland balloon disaster, Banana Day, hugging yourself for 20 seconds per day can make you feel better, music you listen to as a teen binds to your brain better than others, turning down music in car can help with concentration, 81-year-old man shot and killed Uber driver he believed was working with scammer, shooting in Detroit, fire inspector pees in public, driver going 100mph while standing on seat of motorcycle, elephant walking down the road, X may ask for a fee for everyone to use, fool’s gold may actually become valuable, demand for cheap meat is rising, man’s quest to set record for holding the most world records, Rory McIlroy says report of LIV golf offer was not true, family of Nicole Brown Simpson will receive money from OJ’s estate, NBA playoffs, team owner picked up the tab for all concessions at final game at venue, half marathon fixed?, House Hunters featured their first throuple, Jenna Jameson was married to a woman and is now getting a divorce, Harry Potter ride stalls leaving people stuck for over an hour, Pam Anderson will appear in Naked Gun remake, Harrison Ford was talked into getting an earring by Jimmy Buffet, Justice Department filing lawsuit against Live Nation, old woman in The Villages arrested for assaulting old man who downloaded porn on her computer, man goes nuts for donuts, man threw pizza dough at his roommate, man attempts to rob a gas station with a live snake, guy tried to drive through gate to his neighborhood when it wouldn’t work for him, woman brought body of dead uncle into bank to sign off on a loan, chess player anal bead cheating scandal update, man received phone bill for $143K after trip overseas, man arrested for killing roommate during dispute over $1, woman left her kid at home alone while she went on a cruise for a week, tax man called “The Magician” facing charges for tax fraud, guy saves a kid from puck at hockey game, monkeys in Florida carry herpes, lethargic vultures were drunk, Pepsi recall because a zero sugar product has sugar in it, best and worst condiments for your health, late night snacking, little badass girl ran into burning house to save family, toll booth attendant had premonition and called in sick before garbage truck crashed into her booth, guy arrested after 8 attempted robberies, heist at money storage facility, Red Lobster may file for bankruptcy, reclining seats on airplanes are being phased out, farmers use Axe Body Spray to stop sheep from fighting, hotel guest pepper sprays building because other guests were too loud, and more!

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