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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a dog that lived for 6 months in the desert with a pack of coyotes, Lebron James breaks all-time NBA scoring record, a dude that started the first porn star university, a truck hauling 40K lbs. of French Fries crashed spilling fries all over highway, the reason why Waffle Houses have so many late night brawls, Tinder adding features to allow users to block profiles, the bad thing that happened to you at a hot tub, a teacher caught pleasuring himself in an empty class, a driver distracted by Facebook crashed through a fence, a teacher at Purdue busted running his own “Breaking Bad” style scheme, a guy taking heat after giving his wife a gimp mask, a guy wanted to turn himself in for DUI by driving to jail drunk, Roku making it easier to order food online, the most common daily dramas we all endure, a dude that got a tattoo from a monkey, and more!
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