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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a listener who broke his dong, bear surprises couple sitting on deck playing jazz music, woman jailed in Costa Rica because of a pottery souvenir, squatter hunters will take your house back for you, cop busted taking money from people on camera, teen bitten by shark, asteroid will pass close to Earth, old woman receives Masters in Education at 105, woman’s card attached to balloon took off hoping someone will return it, Jason’s stretch appointment, Swifties hacked podcast data to leak Travis Kelce interview, Snoop Dogg commentary on Olympics, Olympic gold medal winner injured and can’t compete in Paris, most watched NHL game in 20 years, Fantasy Football can damage your mental and emotional health, Justin Timberlake selling his Nashville ranch, Britney videos, update on death of Shifty Shellshock, voice actors are suing AI company for cloning their voices, Tom Hanks and Robin Wright teaming up for new movie, Jennifer Lopez tour canceled and Target marked down her new album, man tried to slice off another guy’s nose for kissing his kin in gas station parking lot, obvious rub and tug busted, man hit $4M casino jackpot then had heart attack, snooping cop used city cams to spy on wife, old woman accused of pooping on side of neighbor’s house, Sexy Or Serious Facebook Marketplace ads, man accused of flashing young woman, man flashes people while in road rage incident with them, fishing boat ran into shore, sinkhole opened up next to toddler playing on splash pad, woman stole $34K worth of lotto tickets, smoker grew hair on the back of his throat, man refused to get off plane after seat was double-booked, Onion Coffee trend on TikTok, Cup Noodle dish with second most poisonous frog, hiker finds human remains, kid pulled off train tracks moments before train rolls through, statement asking people to stop stealing cicadas from National Parks, surgeons paying settlement for leaving surgeries fast to get quantity over quality, company selling poop for fecal therapy without FDA approval, animal health insurance policies will be dropped because vet costs are high, naming your car, woman presumed dead was alive but don’t know who dead body was, and more!

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