Wednesday, May 31st 2023 Dave & Chuck the Freak Full Show Download

03:15:16 Download May 31st, 2023

Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about how the younger generation is hitting life’s milestones later in age, Chris Hemsworth exposes his package in a workout video, the summer blockbusters of your youth, a guy broke into a home to escape a ghost, a nude guy found just sitting on a woman’s couch, a tourist in Bali held by immigration after she flashed her beaver in public, what is the redneck math equation in your family?, a shady fertility doctor died in a homemade airplane accident, a man stops a bank robbery with a hug, a Florida Furry Convention had to be 18+ for the first time, a 102-year-old woman claims good sex & booze is the secret to long life, more incidents with visitors trying to touch bison at Yellowstone Park, a crocodile farmer was torn to pieces after accident, cops want a guy that stole a $600 wheel of cheese, and more!


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