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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about unethical hacks people confess to doing, a Minnesota senator that appeared on a zoom vote shirtless, PornHub has blocked the entire state of Utah, shows effected by the Hollywood writers’ strike, an argument on a golf course left a dude hospitalized after being struck with a golf club, a woman dealing with neighbors that poop in buckets, a guy that found a dead body under his bed in a Tibet hotel, hot hair trend for men now is a perm, job that was a dealbreaker for your relationship, a criminal busted after taunting cops on Facebook, a guy had his front lawn taken over by giant grasshoppers, restaurants give customers less food when they order online then in-person, gambling addicts can listen to this sound to reduce the urge to gamble, a guy with a weed vending machine outside his house arrested, how easy it is to get a room key for someone else’s hotel room, and more!


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