Some were hot, some were definitely not. We’re looking back at all of them as we wrap up 2022!

  • Two Woman and a Glitter Attack

    Glitter bombs were all the rage for a minute there. A devious way to ruin someone’s day. Turns out you can’t break into someone’s place to glitter them and these ladies took it a step further.

    Cops Arrest Two Women Involved in Late Night Glitter Attack

    Sarah Franks and Kaitlin O'Donovan are roommates in Clearwater, Florida and they're now facing burglary charges after a 3am glitter attack. Investigators say the ladies arrived at Jacob Colon's place and began arguing with him as he stood on his fenced balcony. From there, cops say they each thre

  • Woman Arrested After Exposing Herself to Cops

    Feels like we say this every year, but do not, under any circumstances expose yourself to people. No one wants that.

    Woman Arrested After Exposing Herself to a Police Officer

    A woman upset about being trespassed from a park eventually got arrested when she took things a bit too far with a police officer. According to police reports, Debra Leibrock approached an officer sitting in her cruiser near a park.

  • Odd Place to Show Up Nude

    The list of places you can show up nude is pretty short. Your court appearance is certainly NOT on it.

    Woman showed up nude to her court appearance

    Probably not the best idea to show up for your court appearance without any clothes on! According to reports, officers were dispatched to a Speedway for reports of a domestic disturbance. That's when an officer witnessed Brittany Hill-Sutphin, physically assaulting a male victim in a car. When Hi

  • How Do You Lose Your Pants?!

    We still want to know how she lost her pants.

    Drunk Woman Found in Elevator Lost Her Pants!

    Cops in Nashville were called to the Lucky Bastard Saloon to deal with reports of a "naked woman in the elevator." When officers arrived to the elevator they found 31-year-old Olivia Clark. She was getting mouthy with officers...and not encumbered with pants. Police say Clark "reeked of alcohol

  • Don't Let the Headline Fool You

    Spitting is gross. Don’t spit on people. That being said, she did a little more than just spit at them.

    Hot or Not? Is a Woman Facing Up to 5 Years in Prison for Spitting?!?

    A woman from Green Bay is facing three charges after an incident with police at the Walmart in Bellevue. See Full Story Here!

  • File this Under "Also Illegal If You're A Cop"

    Don’t drink and drive, people.

    What was a Florida cop just busted for?

    A sheriff's deputy in Florida is now unemployed after she was arrested for driving while under the influence earlier this week. According to reports St. Pete police officers pulled over deputy Shelby Coniglio. The 26-year-old Pinellas deputy was showing signs of impairment and smelt of alcohol.

  • Should Have Used Her Good Looks More Wisely

    She had to turn herself in after her mugshot went viral.

    Wanted Australian Woman Turns Herself In!

    A woman who was wanted by police after she allegedly breached bail following theft allegations has turned herself in! After posting her mug shot on social media the woman started getting a lot of attention online with comments about her looks.

  • Another Case of 'Where's My Pants'

    Weird place to store your pants, just saying.

    A Woman Nude From the Waist Down, Has Strange Excuse About Her Missing Pants

    A woman found nude from the waist down is now in trouble with the Pennsylvania police! Gloria Harpel, a 35 year old woman from the Philadelphia area, was found "naked from the waist down and she was rambling." Officers responded to numerous calls of a half naked woman when they found Harpel.

  • British Breakfast Gone Wrong

    Seriously, would have made a nice little breakfast in the U.K. had she not thrown it at him. Side note, this didn’t happen across the pond.

    Woman Arrested After She Covered Man in Egg and Beans

    A Florida woman is facing charges after she had an altercation with another man that involved eggs and beans! St. Petersburg police have arrested Lynn Bitinaitis after she allegedly threw a can of beans and an egg at a man during an argument.

  • What Year Did This Happen?!

    Who carries around a pitchfork anymore?

    Woman Arrested with a Pitchfork and Whip Outside of a Grocery Store

    56-year-old Florida woman, Lisa Slone, is accused of waving a pitchfork and black whip in front of a grocery store. The manager of the store told police that the woman had been trying to sell teddy bears behind the store earlier that day.

  • Seriously, Stop Exposing Yourself

    The list of places you can expose yourself is also small. The county pool is not on that list.

    A Woman Arrested for Exposing Herself at County Pool

    Earlier this week a woman was arrested at a Pinellas County pool for acting inappropriately. According to police reports the woman was at the pool talking to children about having a birthmark in a private place. The reports also allege that the woman was "twerking" and pulled up her shirt

  • Don't Kick a Cop in the Balls

    Seems like a bad idea, right?

    Ohio Woman Kicks Cop in the Balls!

    An Ohio woman was spotted speeding down the road with a headlight out, nearly hitting the curb several times by a police officer. The officer started a traffic stop and pulled the woman over. When they approached the vehicle the woman began yelling at him.

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