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Zoom Meeting Hilariously Interrupted By Dog’s Loud Slurping

Watch as a dog's loud slurping interrupts an important Zoom Meeting! There are many ways a dog can interrupt a Zoom Meeting. They can bark, they can jump on your lap, or they can be thirsty. That's what seems to have happened this time around. Now, the dog is going viral for the innocent mistake. He's still a good boy, I'm sure. Here's more on the story and make sure to check out the funny video below! Zoom Meeting Hilariously Interrupted By Dog's Loud Slurping Recently, we talked about the dog that took a dump on a news anchor's desk. Now, it's a story of a dog who got thirsty during a Zoom Meeting and ended up interrupting everything on accident. You can't blame the dog! They didn't put the water bowl right there. A girl in California, @jessicavercelli, has shared a video on social media of an important Zoom Meeting her mom was on when it happened. In the video, she says via a caption in the video that her mom had warned everyone in the house to please be quiet during the meeting, and of course the dog chose that moment to have a loud distracting drink. I feel that's what always happens. You have a Zoom and you need 5 minutes of quiet, and that always seems to be the time that the dog or kid chooses to be loud and distracting. It couldn't happen at any other time! Of course, her daughter was filming the whole thing and likely saw this coming. You can hear her holding back laughter as she films the dog taking a long loud drink out of its water bowl. You can pretty much see the stress on her mom's face as it's underway. She knows it's distracting, but what can you do at that point? We've all been there. I got in trouble during one Zoom Meeting for having my dog on my lap. I'm sorry, what am I supposed to do? Keep him out of the room so he'll bark endlessly until I let him in? Is that really what we want? Check out the video below! Then, check out their interview on CNN! Dog's Loud Slurping Interrupts Zoom Meeting https://www.tiktok.com/@jessicavercelli/video/7354153916554054954 [select-listicle listicle_id="735938" syndication_name="7-of-the-wildest-animals-caught-on-tape-stories-from-dave-chuck-the-freak" description="yes"]

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