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Dave & Chuck The FreakWe try our best to help you get your ass out of bed by poking fun at pretty much everything that’s going on around us. If you are easily offended – take caution – no one is safe from Dave & Chuck the Freak’s wrath. That includes the President, the Pope, our significant others and ourselves, as well as everything in between. Our feeling is that nothing is sacred, and you should be able to laugh at everything life throws at you. Our show is a show about truth and we’re not going to candy coat anything. We’ll tell you how we feel no matter how many complaints we receive. We approach every day trying our best not to be like anything else you’ll find on your radio dial. If that’s by taking Dave’s unique views on the news… or cutting up celebrities…You’ll hear stuff you won’t hear anywhere else. Thanks for checking us out. If you have a comment, suggestion or nude pictures to pass along – send us an email


Dave Hunter

Here are the things Dave would want you to know about him: He’s tall – 6 foot 5! He’s European but he was kicked out of Ireland because he can’t handle his liquor. He used to work at a theme park and dress up as cartoon character. Dave likes to be prepared at all times. He’s a great guy, but if you piss him off, he will go Dave Hunter and rip your head off. He has a wife and two boys and he loves to travel and suffers from seasonal affective disorder if he doesn’t see the sun for a while. At the end of the day, we couldn’t ask for a better guy to have in our corner. He’s loyal to a fault, would do anything for us, and we’ll follow him into the fire.


Chuck “The Freak”

Chuck – the weirdest guy on the Dave and Chuck team. When he’s not co-hosting the show (or just barely making it on time), he can be found tinkering with his absurdly large aquarium, scouring the earth for ancient coins with his metal detector, or playing with his pet ants. He’s also a sports fanatic. Chuck has two kids who he loves more than anything, and he’s a huge fan of video games and Star Wars (we’re not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing). Chuck’s interests may be a little out there, but we love him anyway. Just don’t ask him about his rock tumbling hobby – it’ll be hours before he stops talking.”


Lisa Way

What to say about Lisa? She’s the messiest eater alive, if you sit next to her she will get food on you. Lisa has a magic purse, it’s gigantic and has anything you could ever want in it. She loves fashion, and will cut a bitch to get what she wants in a sale! She loves fast cars and will go to a dealership just to test drive a nice car if she’s in a bad mood. When it comes to food, listening to her eat something she loves, sounds very similar to a hardcore porn. She has a dog named Douglas who is a handful that she constantly finds herself yelling at all the time, just like she does with Chuck. Lisa takes care of all of us and is definitely the voice of reason. She is funny as shit and doesn’t let us take ourselves too seriously.





Andy is a radio freak that traveled all the wonders of Michigan to finally find his home among the Dave and Chuck The Freak family. Crazy drug stories? He’s got ‘em. When Andy fears something he learns as much as he can about it which has resulted in a staggering knowledge of bed bug history, ringworm and other disturbing topics. He’s an animal lover and his cat is named The Littlest Bitten AKA Little Bitties.




Jason is kind of mysterious. You’d never know if he was excited or angry. He’s gotten up to some weird stuff in his past that we’re always learning about. Like, at one point he was an aspiring white rapper known as Mayonnaise. He’s earned a bunch of nicknames while on the show such as; MC Mayo, Dog Boy and B.G.J. He has a wife, a son and two cats. We do know that he loves watching sports, plays a lot of basketball and goes camping. He’s most likely walking on a trail in the woods with his family right now.


Al Beck


Al is the youngest old man you could ever meet; he was born in the 80s, but has the interests and personality of a man IN his 80s! His love of Star Trek, M*A*S*H and classic movies & TV is well documented on the show. Al is also known to be a bit of a nerd; he dabbles in the world of video games, comic books, sci-fi; loves to study (but never seems to actually learn) science and history. On top of all of that, he has a love for heavy metal. Outside of his life on the radio, he likes to live a quiet life at home with his pets.


It's Friday Bitches

The “Catchphrases”




The rest of the Dave and Chuck the Freak
Catchphrase Glossary:

It’s Friday Bitches: Dave is basically the whitest guy ever and trying to become more hip, he got so excited it was about to be the weekend he declared “It’s Friday Bitches”. It just caught on from there and now has its own anthem we play on the show to kick off the weekend!

How’s She Goin’ Eh?: A tribute to our Canadian listeners!

Lifeless Eyes: Andy and Chuck wouldn’t shut up about Jaws one day and that’s a famous line said by Quinn in the movie that has caught on as a greeting.

Tell that Bitch to be Cool: A discussion about Pulp Fiction led to Andy blurting this out and it took off after that.

The Legion: This is a term we use to describe someone who has been very sexually active as in “That lady has had a legion of dongs in her”.

Boca Raton: This is our take on the Hebrew greeting Boker Tov!