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Things People Do In A Hotel Room That They Never Do At Home

Lots of people are gearing up for summer travel, but where is everyone staying? New data from economy lodging brands Motel 6 and Studio 6 reveals that most will stay at a hotel (61%). Some will stay in rental homes (27%) or stay at a family member's home (22%). When staying in a hotel, most travelers admit to not unpacking and keeping their items in their luggage (57%), though many still use the dresser (34%) or closet (47%). Since the majority of the 2,000 people surveyed opt for hotel stays, it makes you wonder about people’s hotel habits. Some people choose to stay in hotels because they offer accommodations, housekeeping services, 24/7 assistance for a worry-free experience, along with added amenities like on-site dining, fitness centers, and business facilities, to make your visit comfortable and easy. But many people stay in hotels to live it up without ever having to worry about the things you worry about at home, like making your own bed or washing your own towels. Someone took to Reddit and asked, “What is something you do in a hotel room, you never do at home?” Things People Do in A Hotel Room That They Never Do at Home The thread has some of the most relatable responses. Someone said, “Put a Do Not Disturb sign on the door. Although, maybe I should do that at home too.” If only life worked like that, right? Another person jokingly said, “Watch cable TV.” They continued to say, “I don't care to pay for it at home so it's new and exciting to me.” This isn’t the other “luxury” someone mentioned. “Calling room service” made someone’s list of things people do in a hotel room that they never do at home. Their reasoning was that at home, their wife “would not be impressed” if they “called her phone and asked her to bring me a burger in bed.” One person’s response took quite a turn on the thread. They said, “Inspect the sheets for bugs before using them.” Many people were quick to share how they enjoy running up hotels’ utility bills. Someone mentioned how they enjoy taking long showers. Another person chimed in bragging about how they “Set the thermostat to either frosty or balmy.” Other people mentioned filling an entire bucket with ice when you only need four ice cubes, using a towel as a bathmat, looking at the smoke detector and wondering if there’s a hidden camera in there. Of course, people also mentioned adult-rated stuff that makes you never want to stay in a hotel again. Take a look at the complete thread here.

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