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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about the top Google questions from February, record breaking attempt for the most people wearing underwear on their head at once, badass dad hunts down dog thieves, airport noise complaints, man accused of tampering with town’s water supply, mayor spends tons of money on herself and vetoes investigation on herself, Victoria’s Secret in financial trouble, parlay payouts, John Mulaney’s ex says she has a book coming out that will ruin him, James McAvoy injures himself during orgy scene, Jelly Roll’s wife was a sex worker, betting on the Oscars, Ohio women arrested for pulling Weekend At Bernie’s scam with dead 80-year-old, woman reported missing found in shipping container, what was your breakup revenge story?, treats used to lure escaped pig home, stolen Lamborghini, man brings horse into apartment to make up with wife, Ask Dave & Chuck The Freak, hearing love noises, using gift cards on a first date, wife uses husband’s toothbrush, man wearing crown of thorns menaces elderly woman, high speed chase with Lowe’s box truck, OBGYN busted practicing without a license, woman booby traps kid’s drink to get back at bully, passenger throws coins into airplane engine for good luck, Nerd News, Those Crazy Canadians, and more!

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