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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about people are more annoyed by things than ever, malicious fecal distribution, man accused of running at home chiropractor business, car crashes into a Dunkin, people didn’t realize they had ammo in their bag may be facing 12 years in prison, Tom Brady signature event ruins collection items, Caitlin Clark Nike deal, Kanye West launching his own porn studio and brand, former employee suing Megan Thee Stallion, boobs of Anna Paquin ended up on the news, woman got scammed by someone claiming to be Keanu Reeves, officers had to wrestle a concealed dildo away from drunk Corvette driver, drunk woman spit on cops during arrest, domestic dispute involving a stabbing, have you ever had to deliver to someone who was nude?, MMA fighter wrangler gator with his bare hands, felon tracked down inside of a port-a-potty, kids stuck in Mexico after cruise emergency, family sent wrong remains after their dad died in Cuba, cremated remains get stolen from car, muscle car stolen with human ashes inside, cicada season, urinals that check your health, 10-year-old admits to murder, 15-year-old stole car and led police on chase, road rage leads to woman stabbing another with scissors, new weight loss drugs coming, new color for heat index, robot dog with flame-thrower, seagull screeching contest, kid accidentally put 10K Yen bill through paper shredder, and more!

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