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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about how your brand new things got destroyed, Golden Globes award rundown, Gwen Stefani thinks she is really Japanese, a sex scandal that has rocked an entire police department, woman wins $43 million on a slot machine but casino only offers her a steak dinner, something you discovered about someone that ended up being a deal breaker, why a guy that shot up a Taco Bell, a dude arrested for the 70th time stealing a suitcase full of meat, a snowboarder caught in an avalanche, a little kid that ate chemicals for a fire thinking they were Pop Rocks, a man arrested after leaving a bag of dog pop at a police station, a guy hit with a DUI on his way to AA meeting, a gender reveal that used a toilet, potential ban on gas stoves being considered, a teacher that won a strongman competition, and more!

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