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Dating Event Lets Your Friends Pitch You To A Room Of Singles

Would you attend a dating event that lets your friends pitch you to a room of singles? It's a new thing happening in Los Angeles! You'd have to really trust your friends in this unique dating scenarios. Speed dating is very 2008. Now, this could be the next big experience in dating. The question is...would you try it? Learn more about the unique experience below. There's even an example and promo video to check out! Would You Trust Your Friends To Pitch You To A Room Of Singles? There are different types of friends and different types of friendships out there. Some friends will be great wing men and will do their best to support you and help you hook up. Alternatively, you have friends who love laughing at your expense and want nothing more than to embarrass you for the sake of the story. Unfortunately, I am more familiar with the ladder. Explains why I am the way I am today. Safe to say I wouldn't trust my friends to do this. Typical ordinary dating can be boring. This is a fun, new, exciting way to meet new potential matches. It's a good way to get up off the couch and into the real world. Swiping all day looking at pictures can be so superficial. This is a way to get out there! It's run by a Los Angeles, California group called The Next Fun Thing and as their name implies they have a history of fun ideas like this. It's their thing. With this new dating experiment, your friends get up on stage and pitch you to a crowd full of singles. They even do a very professional Power Point presentation on why it's unbelievable that you're still on the market. Afterwards, there's a party where everyone gets to mingle. It's an awesome way to meet people and break the ice. That would be a great meet cute story to tell people in the future, if you ask me. Sound up your alley? See more on the event here. What do you think your friends would end up saying about you? Check out an example here! You can also watch their promo video below! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rin_XAyxXjc

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