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Christmas is on its way. Maybe you are excited. Maybe you are depressed. Maybe you are dreading the family get togethers. Is Christmas dinner always awkward thanks to your crystal meth addicted aunt? Well, no matter how bad she is… she’s a better Christmas dinner guest than these movie characters!

  • Beast From The X-Men

    Ole Hank McCoy. He’s the super intelligent, super strong blue hairy Beast from the X-Men. How could he be a bad guest, you ask. Well, it’s easy. He’s a bit smarmy and no doubt would keep trying to be a conversational one-upper. It would also be pretty gross when he got strands of his blue arm hair in the gravy when passing the biscuits.

  • Hannibal Lectur

    Oh, Hannibal. While he would have some interesting conversation… Most people would be confused by what he was talking about since he’s annoyingly smart and his anecdotes would be over Uncle Larry’s head. And if Uncle Larry, didn’t laugh at his crazy smart joke, well… you don’t want to offend Dr. Lectur. And of course you would want to avoid whatever dish he brought!

  • Darth Vader

    Darth Vader would be a horrible guest to have at your Christmas dinner. He would definitely be mean and have a smart ass comment after Great Aunt Harriet told the same story she always does about how hard it was flying over the holidays. He’d be using the force to choke every one. And it would definitely be disgusting when he took his mask off to eat.

  • A Liquid Terminator

    Having a liquid terminator at your house would definitely be a bummer. Cousin Vernor would be having a panic attack since he has his drug stash in his pocket and the terminator has decided to take the form of a police officer. No matter what anyone was talking about, he would most certainly interrupt to ask about the whereabouts of John Conner. And you hope he doesn’t get carried away when he’s asked to cut the turkey with his arm blades.

  • Judge Dredd

    Judge Dredd would definitely be a horrible guest at Christmas Dinner. First of all he’d probably ride his motorcycle right into the house. Talking to him would definitely get annoying since all he cares about is the law. And it would really bum every one out when he shot cousin Vernor in the face, right at the dinner table after judging him for drug possession.

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