Some of you did some mischievous things in 2022 giving us the top mugshots of 2022! Hoping for a more legal year in 2023!

  • Probably Higher Than You Think

    We hope he learns his lesson in 2023!

    How many times has this guy been sentenced for drunk driving?

    This 62 year old dude was busted for driving under the influence...again!David Black, from Austintown OH, is now looking at two years in prison after getting charged with operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol for the 17th time. The judge handling this case has also im

  • That's One Place To Store Things

    Listen, your body, your choice but make sure the items belong to you!

    Two Women Busted After Hiding Stolen Valuables in Their Genitals

    Two women were arrested in Las Vegas after a victim reported valuables missing from his hotel room after "spending some time" with them. Nikki Grandel and Staycee Johnson met the victim at the Caesars Palace Casino. They three of them decided to go up to his room there.

  • Cue Up 'Saturday Night's Alright'

    You think his parents were bigger fans of ‘Crocodile Rock’ or ‘Tiny Dancer?’

    Was Elton John Busted for DUI?

    Elton John has made headlines in Stafford, Virginia after getting getting in trouble with the sheriff's office! Now obviously it's NOT that "Elton John." This guy's full name is actually Elton John Cossio Vasquez.

  • He-Man Would NEVER Do This!

    Yikes times 1000!

    What did a woman that looks like He-Man do to get arrested?

    A 60-year-old woman from the UK been jailed for 20 months after admitting to taking part in a disgusting sex act. Claire Goodier admitted to cops that she was a participant in a cocaine-fueled act of bestiality. She took part in the sex act with a dog along with other adults.

  • You Can Purchase These On The Internet

    You can purchase used under garments on the Internet for anyone considering doing this.

    Suspected Underwear Thief Arrested!

    Detectives from the Franklin County Sheriff's Office have arrested the man they believe is responsible for stealing underwear! 36-year-old John Hawkins III has been charged with seven counts of burglary in relation to a string break ins where only female panties and bras were stolen. Detectives

  • He Certainly Stole James and Chuck's

    Stole some hearts after stealing some items.

    Is This Crook Wanted For Stealing Hearts?!

    British police are on the hunt for a hunky felon that is stealing hearts with his handsome mugshot. He was wanted for breaking terms of his early release from prison where he was doing time for a burglary conviction.

  • Who Doesn't Love a Man in Uniform?

    Still can’t do this though.

    A woman acts very inappropriately to a cop when he responded to a call

    A 50-year-old woman in North Dakota reacted in a highly inappropriate way when police officer responded to a call. According to reports she jogged up to an officer responding to a call and slapped the officer's backside. Telling him that he was "sexy" and that she "loves a man in uniform".

  • Applying Make-Up is Hard

    Anyone who’s ever attempted doing make-up for a night out or a Halloween costume knows, it can be tough!

    Bad Makeup For This Trespassing Suspect

    No clue why or what the reason was for the look this man in trouble for trespassing has in his mugshot. Austin Chapman a 25-year-old guy from Missouri was picked up on a trespassing charge, not a crazy crime, but he has a pretty crazy mugshot!

  • We Don't Recommend This

    Based on his mugshot, we assume he’s had other things up there as well.

    Guy Threatened Casino with a Grenade Hidden in His Butt

    A 46-year-old guy was arrested in Vegas last week for threatening to blow up a casino with a live grenade hidden in his BACKSIDE. According to reports, Brian Gower was wandering the streets near The STRAT Casino.

  • That's Not The Law

    Once again, don’t take your clothes off in public.

    Lawyer Strips Nude at Bar When Manager Refused To Serve Her

    A lawyer from Florida had a bit too much to drink when she entered a St. Pete Beach bar. According to the police report she was so drunk when she entered the manager of the bar refused to serve her.


  • 50 Shades of Yowza!

    That escalated quickly.

    Woman Arrested for Giving "50 Shades of Ass Beatings"

    A Florida couple got into a bit of an altercation after getting home from a festival earlier this week. According to police reports Nicole Onque was delivering a beating described as "being rough like 'Fifty Shades of Grey'" when she began to slap and scratch him while the victim sat at a desk.


  • Caught Red Handed

    Dead ringer in the police line-up.

    Thieves Caught in the Act of Stealing Catalytic Convertors!

    Police in Westlake, Ohio have been trying to find the party responsible for a week long series of catalytic converter thefts. They hit the jackpot when the couple they believe to be responsible for the string of thefts was caught in the act.

  • Face Tat Distraction

    Maybe he thought people wouldn’t notice because of his rad face tattoos?

    Man Arrested Again While Awaiting Trial For Exposing Himself

    A Florida man is having some trouble staying out of trouble. 28-year-old Robert Mondragon was arrested on Monday for violating the conditions of his release from his previous arrest. Mondragon was already awaiting trial for an incident he was accused of exposing himself to a woman outside of a gy

  • Don't Livestream Your Crime

    Weird flex.

    An Ohio Holiday Inn Standoff!

    This past weekend Ohio police were called to a Holiday Inn to question a man who allegedly tried using a stolen credit card. When officers confronted the man he started livestreaming the confrontation. Officers continuously gave the man orders to remove one of his hands from a draw-string bag and

  • She's Got Attitude

    It’s one thing to say it, but it’s a whole different level to get it tattooed on your neck!

    Woman Arrested With Expletive Neck Tattoo

    A Toledo woman was arrested after letting a fit of road rage get the best of her. According to reports, Lateisha Fonseca attacked a woman during a road rage incident. Allegedly she broke the driver's side window of the victim's vehicle.

  • Straight Outta Florida

    Only a handful of places this would  happen in the States.

    Florida rapper arrested following jet ski chase!

    A Florida rapper was arrested in Miami over the weekend after leading authorities on a jet ski chase. Nehemiah Harden, known by his stage name SpotemGottem was approached by authorities while in a restricted speed zone. He began making S type turns near some boats and started accelerating and swerv

  • No Means No

    Consent is key, people.

    What Did a Creepy Old Guy Try with Another Dude?

    70-year-old Steven Santana, from Florida is facing some charges after he made a creepy move on another dude! According to reports, Santana had just met the victim and spent some time drinking and smoking weed together. Santana invited the victim to stay the night in his camper.

  • Always Lock Your Doors

    Lock your doors no matter what!

    Florida Woman Caught Breaking Into Car!

    Judging from the look of her, we're pretty sure you wouldn't want her touching your stuff! A Florida woman was arrested after being caught breaking into a car inside of a restaurant parking lot. The owner of the vehicle had left her car door unlocked giving the woman easy access to the car.

  • That's Not A Motor Vehicle

    Can’t drive a golf cart drunk. Can’t drive a golf cart on the highway.

    Mugshot of the Day: Florida Woman Drives Golf Cart on Highway While Drunk!

    A woman in Florida was arrested after several drivers reported seeing her driving a golf cart on the highway. She had fallen asleep on the shoulder and attempted to continue driving after she was woken up.

  • History Repeats Itself

    Can’t way we didn’t see this one coming.

    Serial Flasher Busted Exposing Himself!

    Police in Michigan have busted a serial flasher that has been exposing himself to people on trails. A man accused of exposing his genitals and masturbating at people on trails in Michigan has been arrested.

  • Talk About Cutting Corners

    Do your research before you hire someone.

    Guy Hired To Clean Up Junk, Just Dumps It On The Road

    What do you expect when you hire this guy? Some new property owners purchased a home that still had a lot of junk and garbage on the premises. They hired a guy off Facebook named Alexander Molineux. Molineux showed up to the property with a U-Haul and took all the junk they wanted removed.

  • It Was A Joke!

    Sure, sure. But just to be safe, we’re going to arrest you.

    Guy Makes Threats in Character as The Joker Then Claims He was Kidding!

    A guy in Missouri that allegedly livestreamed threats to bomb and kill people while he was in character as the DC villain known as The Joker claims it was just a joke. This incident went down back in March of 2020 but has finally been updated.

  • We Have Some Questions

    How? What?

    Mugshots of the Day: Crazy Eyed Florida Woman and A Darksided Guy's Effed Up Nose!

    You are in for a treat today! We have not just one mugshot of the day, but we present you TWO! incredible bizarre and out of this world mug shots. The first one is from a crime committed in AZ where a suspect allegedly shot and killed his own father.

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