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A woman is claiming a sub sandwich she purchased had had some sort of feces in it!

She claims to have found a mushy brown substance on the wrapper of sandwich and that it smelled bad. So bad that she gagged and thought it must have been feces not sure if it’s human or animal.

The woman is senior at MSU and posted the findings to TikTok because she didn’t think the company she purchased the sandwich from would take her claim serious. The TikTok video took off and went viral racking up 2 million views. (Contains NSFW language)


don’t eat at @subway on grand river in wast lansing michigan

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Local police are investigating the incident and looking for a lab to test the brown substance.  Security footage from the store doesn’t appear to show any kind of evidence that poop made it’s way on to the sandwich.  The store is saying that it is likely extra sauce that got burned when the sub was toasted.

The investigation is still ongoing.