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An Emmy-nominated TV weatherman in NYC has been fired and he claims it’s because someone sent his boss nude photos they took of him from an adult webcam site.

The anonymous person that sent the pictures, not only sent them to his boss but also sent the photos to his mother.

The Former NY1 meteorologist name is Erick Adame and he confessed that in addition to his time on TV he also secretly appeared on an adult cam site. He said that he was acting out some of his compulsive behaviours and performing sexually for men.  He also said that he was NOT paid for any of the actions/activities he was a part of on the site.

The site has not been specifically named, but is described as “the most amazing open-minded fun-spirited sexy adult community” on the internet.

Adame made a post on his Instagram as an attempt to control the narrative of his life and inform the viewers and fans what had happened.

In the post he also apologizes to friends and family as well coworkers and his employer, “for any embarrassment or humiliation” he may have caused.  Adame is currently in the process of taking the anonymous user that sent the screen shots to court.