Dave and Chuck the Freak

A couple in Michigan was caught using a stolen credit card at a Tractor Supply store, after the woman used her rewards card for the transaction.

That exposed a larger scheme, where they’d broken into more than a dozen storage units. The credit card had been stolen from a storage unit lot which had just so happened to have a gun safe broken into with guns stolen.

Other units had also been burglarized which led authorities to search the couple’s home.  There they uncovered 40 stolen guns, thousands of dollars worth of other stolen property worth thousands, and some meth.

Detectives questioned the pair and they confessed to breaking into more than a dozen units in the past months. They admitted to selling stolen goods online and using the stolen credit card.

They pair were charged with various things including possession of meth, safe breaking, and the most serious charge, conducting a criminal enterprise, in addition to more. No word on how many points will be deducted from their Tractor Supple loyalty account.