A pervy dude allegedly couldn’t control himself at a Dollar General in Ohio.

According to reports a 34-year-old guy named Mark Newberry followed a woman out of the Dollar General to her car. The victim states that he then told her she was attractive and asked her about her marital status.

He then unconsensually kissed her and groped her breasts and butt. The woman was able to escape and drive away in her car.

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(Hamilton County Justice Center)

Police tracked the Newberry down and he denied the alligations, but when they showed him footage from the store security he asked for a lawyer.

He was arrested.


5 Infamous Film Scenes Actors Will Never Live Down

Jon Favreau has made a name for himself as a major producer/director, but let’s never forget the film that started it all: 1996’s Swingers.

The film is a perfect time capsule of the decade. (We’re looking at you swing revival!) But the hands-down most 90’s moment in the film is Favreau’s answering machine scene, which is as cringe-inducing as it is poetic and a scene Favreau will never live down.

Naturally, a scene like this makes us think of other notorious film scenes. In honor of Favreau’s birthday (October 19), enjoy these five infamous film scenes actors will never live down. (WARNING: Very NSFW content ahead!)

  • Jon Favreau - 'Swingers' - Answering Machine Scene

    If a scene like this was filmed today, it would be of a text exchange gone bad. It would still be incredibly cringe, but it wouldn’t hold a candle to the epic downward spiral Favreau’s character takes us on in a mere two minutes.

  • Jeff Daniels - 'Dumb & Dumber' - Bathroom Scene

    Jeff Daniels is a fantastic, Emmy Award-winning dramatic actor. However, his comedic chops in this terrifying bathroom scene are truly remarkable.

  • Cameron Diaz - 'There's Something About Mary' - Hair Gel Scene

    Cameron Diaz broke out in the ’90s in a big way thanks to films like The Mask and My Best Friend’s Wedding. However, it’s hard to forget her turn as the titular Mary in There’s Something About Mary and the incredibly gross “hair gel” scene. (Spoiler: It’s not really “hair gel.”)

  • Steve Carell - 'The 40-Year-Old Virgin' - Chest Waxing Scene

    Steve Carell’s scream delivery turned “Kelly Clarkson” into a swear. That’s real acting!

  • Jason Biggs - 'American Pie' - Warm Apple Pie Scene

    Well…there’s no delicate way to describe this infamous scene. Jason Biggs has sex with an apple pie. There’s no getting around that.It makes you wonder how many pies since the release of <em>American Pie </em>had a similar fate.

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