Dave and Chuck the Freak

People are sharing the funniest off-brand Halloween costumes they’ve found for sale like a “Where’s Waldo” costume called “Missing Boy.” Also a Wednesday Addams costume called “Evil Midweek Cutie.”

Here are a few examples.

It’s obvious the sellers are trying to duck copyright infringement by naming the costumes literally what they are.  There’s tons of them out there too and the people over at BoredPanda did some deeper digging through the internet a tracked down a ton more!

Check out their finds at the link below!


10 'Sexy' Halloween Costumes that Actually Exist

“Sexy” Halloween costumes are nothing new, but there is such a thing as going too far with the whole “sexy” angle.

Want proof? Check out these ten “sexy” Halloween costumes that actually exist. Perhaps you’ll see one or more of these costumes when attending an upcoming Halloween party!