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The animals are starting to rise up against the humans! Well not really, but maybe…according to these next videos at least. A mom saves her daughter from a raccoon and father has to save his toddler from a coyote.

Mom Pulls a Rabid Raccoon Off of Her Daughter’s Leg

This happened Friday in Ashford, Connecticut.  A home surveillance camera filmed a raccoon latching onto the leg of a five-year-old girl who’s on her front porch.  It won’t let go until the girl’s mom comes out and grabs it by the neck.


Dad Saves His Toddler from a Coyote Attack in Their Front Yard

A dad in Woodland Hills, California rescued his two-year-old daughter from a coyote attack in their front yard.  He’s getting stuff out of his SUV in the driveway, when he hears his daughter screaming.  She’s on the other side of the car.

The girl is okay, but she did have to be vaccinated for rabies.  The whole thing was captured on the family’s doorbell cam.



The 5 Lamest Super Powers In The Animal Kingdom

In the animal kingdom, evolution has bestowed upon various creatures abilities that are pretty awesome. The chameleon can change its skin to blend in with it’s environment. The octopus can mimic other creatures. The rhinoceros has super strength. Those are all awesome powers… the following are not as cool.

  • The Waxy Monkey Tree Frog

    Even some frogs have cool powers. There are frogs with deadly poison. There are frogs that have suction cup sticky feet to give it an awesome climbing ability. Then there’s the dumbass waxy monkey frog. What can it do? Well, it can secrete a wax. Is the wax deadly? Nope! It… um… it keeps its skin nice.

  • The Bird Of Paradise

    Some birds have incredible abilities. The eagle can see for miles and has razor sharp talons. Not the bird of paradise. What mighty powers was it given? The power to dance. Yep, that’s right… so it dances like Buffalo Bill to attract a mate. Not the coolest ability if ya ask me.

  • The Cow

    Outside of being delicious, the cow doesn’t have many abilities. It can eat grass. It can run away from danger… but its farts are dangerously world endingly powerful. Their asses literally melt away the ozone like the laser of an evil comic book villain. Pretty lame, cows.

  • The Grasshopper

    In the world of insects there are a ton of superpower-like abilities that are so very cool. The rhinoceros beetle is so strong that if it were our size it could literally punch buildings down. Even flies have super vision because of there crazy eyes. Not the grasshopper though. It can… hop. Yep, it can hop like really, really far. Oh and if they get emotional enough they can transform into locusts and eat alot. Very lame, the grasshopper.

  • The Capybara

    The capybara is a giant rodent that resembles a gigantic guinea pig. What can it do, run at cheetah-like speed? Nope. Is it super strong? Not particularly. BUT IT CAN… take a nice warm bath in the hot springs found in its habitat. If you google this creature you’ll see it’s other ability.. which is to balance vegetables on it’s head. Two VERY dumb superpowers.