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A tech worker in Seattle was arrested after being caught manipulating software code to divert more than $260,000 into his own account.

Charges were filed against a former Zulily software engineer named Ermenildo Valdez Castro. Castro allegedly wrote software code that manipulated customer orders and sent small amounts of money to an online banking account in addition to coding that would significantly reduce the price of items that would allow him to get merchandise for pennies on the dollar.

He told detectives that the scheme was inspired by the movie “Office Space”.


20 Movies That Turn 25 In 2023

Several films will be celebrating their 25th anniversary in 2023. Many of these films still reign supreme in our personal movie archives and are still relevant in pop culture today. The Parent Trap, The Truman Show, the first installment of the Rush Hour franchise, and many more have a huge anniversary to celebrate in the upcoming months. Take a look at 20 films that will be celebrating their 25th anniversary in 2023:

  • 1. There's Something About Mary

  • 2. Rush Hour

  • 3. Armageddon

  • 4. Doctor Dolittle

  • 5. The Truman Show

  • 6. The Parent Trap

  • 7. Saving Private Ryan

  • 8. The Rugrats Movie

  • 9. Blade

  • 10. Antz

  • 11. The Wedding Singer

  • 12. Belly

  • 13. How Stella Got Her Groove Back

  • 14. Star Trek: Insurrection

  • 15. The Players Club

  • 16. Godzilla

  • 17. Mulan

  • 18. A Bug’s Life

  • 19. Star Trek: Insurrection

  • 20. Enemy of the State