Dave and Chuck the Freak

A story that comes straight from the Dave and Chuck the Freak headlines! A railroad worker saved a raccoon after discovering his testicles were frozen to the track.

Neil Mullins found the animal frightened and all too close to death in a situation that would be a NSFW episode of Dudley Do-Right. The rail worker used warm water and a shovel to slowly free the animal and after a few minutes, the raccoon was running into the forest. Sounds like wherever this happened it was quite cold, negative 12 degrees Celsius in fact! Fortunately, the little buddy is okay!

Raccoon stuck to railway by his testicle rescued by railway workers

A raccoon stranded in -12C (10.4F) conditions was saved by railway workers The distressed animal was stuck on the track by his frozen testicle hair After a worker defrosted him, the raccoon ran off safely into the woods A railroad worker rescued a raccoon from an oncoming train after its testicles hair froze to the track.


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