Dave and Chuck the Freak

A Virgin Australia flight attendant is racking up the hits on TikTok with answers to questions she gets all the time. 

Here are a few:  Yes, the tap water is safe to drink.  It’s filtered and clean.

This one is super interesting.  The reason window shades need to be UP during takeoff and landing is because YOU can see the engines, but the flight attendants can’t.  They need you to let THEM know if something happens.

No, the plane’s doors cannot be opened mid-flight . . . unless you have super-human strength.

The reason carry-on bags have a weight limit is because the overhead bins can only hold so much poundage.

She also answered the age-old question . . . Do you get more drunk on a plane?  Quote, “Yes, because of the lower oxygen percentage in the air, the effects of the alcohol are greater.” Full explanation about this one here!