LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 09: NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal attends the grand opening of Shaquille's At L.A. Live at LA Live on March 09, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.

After sending the “Home Depot Girl” (real name Ariana Cossie), some encouraging words after her viral tweet, Shaquille O’Neal came through an actual Home Depot soon after.

For those unfamiliar, a young woman went viral for posting herself in her Home Depot apron. She recieved some backlash on Twitter after tweeting, “I really hope my post inspired little girls to realize getting money the RIGHT way is possible and you gain so many insightful things and benefits doing it.”

Twitter users starting attacking Cossie saying she was insinuating that women should not go into sex work.

“Someone just brought up an amazing point regarding the Home Depot girl. She and the majority of the men egging on her find sex work dehumanizing and exploitative. Although she’s fine with Home Depot exploiting her for $10/hr because it’s the ‘right way’ to earn money,” one Twitter user wrote.

However, others came to her defense and provided another perspective in her tweet.

“As a woman, especially as a mother, taking the message that ‘Home Depot Girl’ was trying to voice to little girls and twisting it to appear as a insult to sex workers is INSANE. Y’all want y’all daughters to aspire to sex work? I’m confused,” another Twitter user chimed into the conversation.

Cossie later shared DMs between Shaq and herself from Instagram giving herself some encouragement after trolls attacked her post. “Don’t let them peopl [sic] bother u,” the alleged DM read. Cossie responded back, “Thank you Shaq.”

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Shaq continued, “don’t read the comments stuff like that will drive u crazy,” and added, “have a great day and tell all your boyfriends i said hello lol.”

Cossie responded: “HAHA i will thank you! you too!”

Shaq was later seen rocking a Home Depot apron where he walked around the store performing a rap in a video posted to his Instagram. In the process, the former Laker gifted a family some appliances and took pictures with fans in the store.

As for Cossie, she now has her Twitter account turned to private. However, she was vocal on TikTok about the aftermath of her Twitter fame.

Cossie said that she had to quit her job at Home Depot and that online users were illegally doxing her home address to figure out which Home Depot she worked at. She said people online were able to come up with her address by using her school location and her location in her Twitter bio to find out where she lived. Cossie says that she has to move now, but she is staying in her faith to get her through.

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