KIBBUTZ MASHABEI SADE, ISRAEL - FEBRUARY 11: Israeli farmer Amit Ziv inspects an Australian Bass he just harvested from a unique fish pond February 11, 2007 at Kibbutz Mashabei Sade in Israel's southern Negev Desert. Far from the nearest coast, Ziv uses steaming hot saline water pumped from an ancient aquifer 600 meters below ground level to raise about 15,000 fish at any one time, mainly Australian bass and striped bass which have been adapted to the water's relatively-low salinity. The water is then recycled and used to irrigate the Kibbutz's fields. Increasing populations and economic growth are stretching the supply of fresh water all over the Middle East, and it is feared that future conflicts in the area will be over water sources rather than the politics and religion that have marked regional conflicts to date. (Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images)

If they say a dog is mans best friend then what does that make a fish?

A guy in Wisconsin is in the news after making friends with a fish.  He goes snorkeling in the same lake each summer, and a smallmouth bass he calls “Elvis” has taken a liking to him.

They meet in the same spot, and he feeds him crawfish.  If other fish get too close, he gets jealous.

You can read more about Elvis and his human friend here.

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