Something is brewing on TikTok — and it could be the result of your morning cup of coffee.
“A ‘ghost poop’ is a term used to describe when one’s stool sinks to the bottom of the toilet and seemingly vanishes without a trace,” gut health expert and registered dietician Julie Balsamo told The Post in an email on Tuesday.


What Does THIS Poop Mean? 💩 Dr. Janine provides valuable insight into the significance of the ghost poop. This type of poop, where you feel like you've passed something but nothing is visible in the toilet or when wiping, may suggest that you are one of the healthiest individuals out there. It is a sign that your body is receiving adequate amounts of fiber and fatty acids while maintaining proper circadian rhythms aligned with nature. Understanding the nuances of your bodily functions can be an important indicator of overall health and well-being. #poop #guthealth #circadianrhythms #pooptok #wellness

♬ original sound - doctorjanine Bowring, ND

In other words, if you’ve ever gone to the bathroom and then looked into the toilet, only to see your feces disappear, it means that you’ve experienced the elusive “ghost poop” — and the same thing goes if you’ve wiped and there’s nothing on the toilet paper.

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