According to a national survey, most Americans plan to do something to celebrate the 4th of July this year, but how do they plan to do it?

Is there anything better than the 4th of July? Summer is officially underway, but the dog days of August are still a month away. It’s a great time to get together with family and friends, enjoy your freedoms and – of course – blow some stuff up! It comes as no surprise then that an overwhelming majority of Americans have plans to celebrate the 4th of July in some was this year. 87% of respondents to the survey, in fact. So, what are the most popular ways that people will be celebrating?


Of course, as Americans, our favorite was to celebrate our independence is: WE EAT!

The most popular activity we will be engaging in this 4th of July is attending a cookout or picnic. Nearly two-thirds of Americans plan to attend one to celebrate the holiday. Americans are likely to spend an average of $93.34 each on food this year. Overall, Americans are estimated to spend a total of $9.5-billion on food items for the 4th of July.


Group of happy friends gathered around an outdoor table, enjoying a cookout.



If food is #1 for 4th of July celebrations, you know that #2 has to be fireworks!

According to the survey, 42% of Americans plan to attend fireworks and community celebrations. 42% does seem like a very low number, but we assume that the survey does not factor in the amount of people who plan to do their own firework displays at home.



Patriotic Decorations

Show your American pride by decking out your body and yard with the American flag!

Nearly one-third of respondents plan on purchasing patriotic items this 4th of July to celebrate the holiday, including clothing, decorations for your home and more! If you and your house don’t look like a star spangled bomb went off, are you really doing 4th of July right?





Finally, closing out our list, a small amount of Americans plan to get out of Dodge for the 4th of July this year. The survey says that 14% of Americans plan on traveling or going on vacation for the holiday. 13% of respondents say they plan to attend a parade for the 4th of July.



How do you plan to celebrate America’s birthday?

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