Tom Holland attends 'Uncharted' premiere at the Tres60 studios on February 08, 2022 in Madrid, Spain.

Tom Holland has been sober from alcohol for over a year now and is getting candid about his struggles leading up to it. The Crowded Room star, 27, noted during the Monday (July 10) episode of On Purpose with Jay Shetty that his day-to-day life was spiraling out of control. “I was definitely addicted to alcohol, [I’m] not shying away from that at all,” Tom said. “I think that anyone that has a beer every day has probably got a little bit of a problem.”

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According to Tom, he would “drink and drink and drink and drink” until he reached a breaking point. “And then you would just reach that moment where you’re like, ‘Wow, I shouldn’t have had that last beer.’ And you wake up the next day, and you have a terrible headache.” Drinking so much had the English actor wondering to himself, “Why am I enslaved [to] this drink? Why am I so obsessed by the idea of having this drink?” He recalled that he could only enjoy himself at work events if he had a few beers to take the pressure off.

Early Days of Sobriety

In the early days of sobriety, Tom realized that avoiding leaving the house and bar areas wouldn’t be a feasible way to live. He told himself, “‘Mate, you’ve got to pull your socks up here. You can’t just live in your house all the time. You’ve got to go out and enjoy yourself. And if you’re only enjoying yourself because you’re drinking, then you really do have a problem.'”

With a strong sense of self-control, Tom found positive things to replace alcohol with. To feel included with the notion of “cracking something open and sharing it with friends and drinking it,” he will opt for sparkling water. More positives that have come into Tom’s life since being sober are his sleep, problem-solving, and mental clarity. He told the host, “Things that would go wrong on set that would normally set me off, I could take in my stride. I had so much better mental clarity. I felt healthier. I felt fitter.”

Watch the interview below:

As we previously reported, he previously discussed wanting to take a break from alcohol during an April 2020 virtual appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. When asked if he was having issues with his roommates amid the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, Holland replied, “Not really, ‘cause we’re drunk all the time. I actually said this weekend that I was going to stop drinking for a week, I was going to have a week off. And then, literally Monday morning, Ryan Reynolds sent me a case of gin.”

Tom Holland’s AppleTV+ series, The Crowded Room, drops on Fridays until July 28.

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