Close-up of Caucasian male surgeon reading x ray in operating room at hospital

We all know that kids are filled with questions, but this surgeon’s daughter doesn’t ask the typical questions!

“Why?” It’s the most common word in your kid’s vocabulary. From why the sky is blue, to why they have to go to bed at a certain time. They’re new to the world, they want to know how it works! It’s perfectly natural! They’re also curious about you and what you do, so they might want to know about your job! This surgeon’s daughter is no different and when you have an uncommon job, you’re going to get some uncommon questions.

A doctor posted a video on TikTok of one of his nightly discussions with his daughter. She is very interested in what her dad does for a living. She asks all sorts of questions about the bones that he fixes at work.

It’s too early to know if she will go from surgeon’s daughter to MD, but she’s off to a good start!



Every night our 3yo asks Daddy what bones he fixed that day. I don’t know the correct anatomical term, but “ball ankle” sounds good to me! #toddlersoftiktok #doctorsoftiktok #smartbabygirl #futuredoctor #orthopedicsurgeon #toocute

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