A woman is suing a Thai restaurant after she claims their spicy appetizer caused permanent chemical burns in her throat.

According to a report a woman claims an appetizer called Spicy Dragon Balls was so spicy she suffered chemical burns to her vocal cords, esophagus, and inside her right nostril.

The dish was advertised on the menu as spicy so the woman asked for it to be prepared with a little less spice. Even though the server agreed to have the cook make it less spicy she still felt an intense burning in her mouth, and throat after eating.  This led to her eyes and nose watering and also caused coughing fits.

A doctor diagnosed her with internal “chemical burns” from the chilis in the Dragon Balls.

The woman now accuses the restaurant of negligently failing to test the heat intensity of the Dragon Balls served. She is seeking unspecified damages, medical expenses, and compensation for purportedly lost earnings in her lawsuit.


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