No matter how into a significant other someone is, there’s almost always going to come a time when you need to get away, even for just a weekend.

Sadly, there are some guys who don’t have the sack to let their partner know that a weekend away is occasionally necessary and deserved…for the sake of their mutual sanity.

For those guys, drastic measures are needed. That’s where “Lawyer Marc” comes into the picture.

On TikTok, Lawyer Marc offers up this side hustle. For the value price of $500, he and his crew will arrest you in front of your wife or girlfriend.

The arrest includes (fake) police cars, lights, uniforms, handcuffs…the whole show. You can also be tazed (for an extra $25, but you’ve got to sign an additional waiver). You’ll leave under “very confusing circumstances, so it’s hard to track you down”

You’re then taken to a campsite that’s “paid for,” and includes “tent, beer, bait, fishing license, and fishing equipment.” Then the following Monday, “around noon,” you’re released at a local Waffle House, and it’s revealed that it all was just a “big misunderstanding.”

Based on responses in the comments, there are way too many guys out there who are afraid to tell the women in their lives that they want to get away for the weekend and go fishing.

Also, Lawyer Marc might want to seriously consider raising his price point from $500 because interest in this service is through the roof.

You can find out more info or contact Lawyer Marc on his TikTok account.

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