NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 25: American rapper, songwriter, and actor (1971-1996) Tupac Shakur poses for a portrait during the 1994 Source Awards on April 25, 1994 at the Paramount Theatre in New York, New York.

Tupac’s murder investigation got a lead after nearly 30 years last week. After the police issued a warrant for Duane “Keefe D” Davis’ home, law enforcement will now test the bullets they found there to see if there is a connection with the rap legend’s death.

According to the Daily Mirror, Las Vegas police recovered several .40 caliber bullets at Keefe D’s wife, Paula Clemons, last week. The home is located in Henderson, Nevada, right outside of the city.

A Vegas police source said that the bullets found will go under forensic testing “to determine if they have any link to the bullets found in 2Pac’s body or on the scene of the homicide.”

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“Microfibers or residues from the weapon or the bullet could prove to be a link,” the source added. “There is no information yet on the history of the bullets, how old they are or their significance. And it will take some time to assess how the bullets play a role in this case.”

However, they did add that “it is a long shot that the bullets will be the ones from 1996.”

Keefe D is a former Crip gang member, the uncle of Tupac’s alleged killer Orlando Anderson. Keefe D. said he was in the car with him at the time of the murder. Marion “Suge” Knight, head of Death Row Records, was in the car with Tupac the night he was killed. They were leaving a boxing match at the MGM Grand in a black BMW.

On July 18, at around 10 p.m., police asked for the people inside of Clemons’ home to come out with their hands up. In a video obtained by TMZ, a woman and a man appear to leave the home. An officer requested that the woman drop her cigarettes. It’s unclear who these people were as they have not been identified. It been reported that they were detained or arrested.

No arrests have ever been made in connection to the rapper’s death. Las Vegas police have said that witnesses refused to cooperate with law enforcement which led to the case never being solved. Nevada does not have a statute of limitations for prosecuting homicide cases.

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