Describing oneself on LinkedIn or a resume is no easy task, considering the mounting pressure to stand out in a competitive job market. Many people fall into the dangerous trap of using worn-out buzzwords that do more harm than good.

Inc. magazine, a platform for businesses and networking, has taken it upon itself to caution job seekers against words that should be avoided when describing oneself. It’s worth mentioning that the author of the list comes from someone with real-world insights and expertise in the field. It’s curated based on their own experiences and interactions with job posting sites and resumes.

When it comes to self-descriptions, words matter. The language we use shapes perceptions, and recruiters are becoming increasingly adept at identifying overused and disingenuous phrases that clutter LinkedIn profiles and resumes. Terms like “hardworking,” “team player,” and “results-driven” have become the go-to crutches for countless job seekers, leading to a sea of resumes that fail to leave a lasting impression.

“Some are incredibly overused. Others just make you sound full of yourself,” says the magazine.

According to Inc., the term “innovative” has become a popular claim among both companies and some people. However, asserting this quality does not necessarily make it true they said. They suggest a more effective approach instead of putting it on your resume or profile. Rather than stating that you are innovative, demonstrate it through tangible evidence.

Among the avoidable terms on their list, “responsible” stands out as another word that the magazine advises against using. Their reason is that it has become a clichéd choice used by nearly everyone when describing themselves.

The list also includes the words “guru,” “world-class,” and “strategic.” If you want to make a real impact, skip those tired old words and go for something unique and impressive to show off what you’ve got going on. talking about your achievements is way better than resorting to filler words, according to the magazine.

If you’re itching to know which other words to stay away from, check out the complete breakdown here.

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