The record for the loudest burp by a woman has been brought back to America!

According to reports, a lady in Virginia named Kimberly “Kimycola” Winter broke it with a burp that was louder than a blender, an electric drill, and even a full-throttle motorcycle.

In a “dead room” similar to a recording studio, Winters let rip a monstrous belch. She managed to hit 107.3 decibels with her giant belch. Now she barely broke the old record of 107 held by a woman in Italy for 14 years.

Before the big moment, Winters ate a gassy breakfast that consisted of coffee and beer.

Kimberly has been delivering big burps since she was a young child, and as she got older, they got louder. She enjoys seeing strangers shocked reactions when lets a big belch go. “That is just magic to me,” she said. “I love to see their face.”


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