A woman in Tennessee is doing a bathroom renovation, and she recently had a random DOG stick its head through a hole.

A Tennessee-based TikToker named Kyndal Bret made a pretty crazy discovery during a home renovation. She found a dog poking its head out of a hole in the floor of her bathroom.

She got it out, and was able to reunite it with its owner.  The dogs name was Lulu and she loves cheese. It’s still unclear how it got there.


Replying to @Meadow Shilliday #greenscreenvideo SHES HOME

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It’s assumed the dog had likely been looking for shelter during a storm and had gotten stuck in the crawl space.

The Pets of Dave and Chuck the Freak

Long time listeners of the show can probably recall the time when Chuck and Lisa were the only two with pets on the show.  But as the show has grown with new members so has the collection of pets of Dave and Chuck the Freak!

Here is a run down of the pets of each member of the show.  Some are traditional like cats and dogs…while others are a little out there.  ANTS!?! Really Chuck?!!

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