Could it be true? One of the most disliked flavors of jelly beans of all time could hold the secret to help in curing one of the most deadly cancers!?

According to this report,  a new study has found that a chemical in black licorice and jelly beans COULD help fight pancreatic cancer. The chemical, isoliquiritigenin (ISL),  found in black licorice & jelly beans was used in a study with mice.

In this study, it appeared that the ISL actually helped suppress pancreatic cancer cells in the mice. Doctors believe that using this chemical could make chemotherapy more effective. The study leader, Dr Joshua Ko Ka-Shun even said: ‘This compound is worth considering for further development into a new generation of chemotherapy treatment.’

When the substance was injected into tumors, survival of the cancer cells dropped by 50 to 80 percent, depending on how much was injected into the tumor.

But the research is still early, and eating too much black licorice can be bad for your heart so don’t start gorging yourself with black jelly beans and licorice.

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