This seemed like something “experts” should have known was going to happen with automated vehicles, but for some reason, it’s being treated as a surprise.

According to this article, the city of San Francisco is getting more robotaxis, but there is a bit of an issue with this unattended ride…And a writer for “The San Francisco Standard” just did a big story on a specific problem with them:  More and more people are DOIN’ IT in robotaxis.

Now this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about people doing the dirty while a robot-AI driver ensures their safety and gets them to their destination. In the past a video went viral after Elon Musk got word that a couple filmed a porn while driving in an autonomous Tesla…would have thought that may have put unchaperoned sex on the radar then.

Rules are really loose about what you can and can NOT do while being driven in an AI-driven car cause the industry is so new.  Typically substance abuse and drinking is frowned upon in these vehicles while most companies also ask riders not to engage in behavior that would make others uncomfortable.

You can read more about the Robotaxi sex problem in San Fransico here



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