A Swedish man participating in a contest organized by the Disgusting Food Museum just set a brand new disgusting world record.

According to this report, the contest was a speed eating competition in which contestants would have to attempt to eat as much surströmming, a traditional Swedish delicacy consisting of fermented herring that has been salted just enough to prevent it from rotting, within in a minute.

One Swedish man reigned supreme after the :60 and that man was, 71-year-old Sune Valentin Norlin. Norlin managed to eat 13.85 ounces of fermented fish in one minute, earning him a Guinness World Record.

You can watch his record-making meal below.


Most fermented herring eaten in one min 🐟🤢 392.7 grams (13.85 oz) by Sune Valentin Norlin 🇸🇪 #fermentedherring #surströmming #sweden #guinnessworldrecords @Disgusting Food Museum

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