Some sort of shooting happened at a White Sox game on Friday. And last we heard, nothing was confirmed. But a reporter for ESPN claimed yesterday that a woman snuck a gun into the stadium in her FAT ROLLS.

According to this report, they claimed a metal detector went off, but that the woman got through security anyway.

Here’s what we do know: It happened in the fourth inning in the left-center field bleachers, and three women were hit. But two were just grazed.
A 42-year-old woman got shot in the leg. A 26-year-old woman a few seats away got grazed in the stomach. And a 31-year-old woman got nicked in the back, then looked down and saw a bullet lying there.

An ESPN reporter claimed one of those first two women brought the gun. And a doctor in the stands said the 26-year-old’s stomach wound almost looked like a “cigar burn.” So that makes it sound like SHE had the gun, and it was still tucked in her belly when it went off.

But the ESPN reporter also suggested the gun was in the shooter’s pocket by then, and went off when she jostled in her seat. So maybe the first woman shot HERSELF in the leg? Another report said that woman’s clothes tested negative for gunshot residue though. So who knows.

All we know for sure is Chicago police are facing a ton of heat for all the confusion, and for not stopping the game immediately. They apparently did ask to have it stopped, but then allowed it to go on so they didn’t cause a panic.

A Vanilla Ice concert after the game got canceled though. The Oakland A’s ended up beating the White Sox 12 to 4.



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