In case you haven’t seen this yet, this is one sports blooper to live in infamy forever!

The Miami Marlins may be looking for a new ball boy very soon.  A hilarious (if you’re NOT a Marlins fan) mishap took place earlier this week during a game between the Marlins and the visiting Dodgers.

A ball was Freddie Freeman  at the top of the 6th inning into right field.  The shot landed fair but that bounced into foul territory.  That’s when an little over zealous Ball “Boy” (we used quotations cause he looks like your 38 year old uncle that still lives in your grandma’s basement) leaped into action.

He grabbed the ball…which was still in play, and tossed it to the screaming fans in the stands! He then casually just sat down not realizing the HUGE mistake he just made. You have to see this blooper below!

The umps ruled the ball dead and gave the runners their bases. As for the employment status of the Ball … MAN? We’re not sure, but hopefully he’s paying much more attention to the umps calls next shift.

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