A couple from New Zealand are demanding a refund after a nightmarish experience during a flight on Singapore Airlines.

According to a report, the couple, Gill and Warren Press, are upset after spending 13 hours on a flight next to a noisy, slobbery, and smelly dog. The couple were upset after they had paid extra for premium economy seats aboard a Singapore Airlines flight from Paris and had their experience ruined by the gassy emotional service dog.

The couple say they could hear the heavy breathing from the dog and that there was not enough space for the dog to be at the owners feet, so a portion of the dog was encroaching into the couple’s space on the plane.

They overheard the owner tell another passenger that it was an emotional support dog and he helped to calm her anxiety, but the couple claims the dog looked stressed and struggling to be on the plane too.

After bringing this issue to a flight attendant’s attention they offered to have the couple move to the very back of the economy section. Halfway through the flight, the dog began to start farting and slobbering all over the couple.

The couple complained again and was offered the front row of the economy cabin that had been reserved for staff which they accepted. The flight attendant also promised to file an incident report, but the couple did not hear back from the airline until they reached out.

So far they have been offered some vouchers for travel, but the couple wants a refund for that leg of their trip because they did not get the experience they had paid for.

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