Dave and Chuck the Freak

Mick Fleetwood was the keeper of one of the most unusual symbols related to Fleetwood Mac. The symbols in question? The two balls that were cheekily visible between his legs on the cover of Rumours. Now, those balls have been sold at auction for quite an impressive sum.

According to Julien’s Auctions, the wooden balls, which Fleetwood would also wear on stage, sold for a whopping $128,000. Per a press release from the auction house, “The balls, which were lost and found many times over, were originally lavatory chains snatched from a club Fleetwood Mac played during their early years and incorporated to his stage attire in a ribald nod to the blues tradition.”

In a 2009 interview with Maui Time (h/t Rolling Stone), Fleetwood said of the accessory, “I must admit I had a couple of glasses of English ale – and came out of the toilet with these. I was very destructive. I ripped them off the toilet and had them hanging down between my legs.”

He added, “In truth, I started off as a blues player. The whole ethic of a lot of blues music is slightly suggestive, might I say. And suitably, I walked out on stage with these two lavatory chains with these wooden balls hanging down. After that, it just stuck.”

It is not known who bid the six-figure amount for this humorous, but notable piece of memorabilia.


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