When it comes to dating and astrology, it’s like adding a sprinkle of cosmic magic to the already exciting adventure of finding love. Astrology — if you believe in it — has a way of looking at your personality and giving insight into what makes you tick. It’s all about understanding ourselves and our potential partners on a whole new level. Whether you’re checking out zodiac compatibility or analyzing birth charts, exploring the astrological side of dating adds a fun and intriguing twist to the quest for romance.

A dating app, dua.com explored the fascinating link between astrology and dating. They conducted a study involving over 500,000 of their users, digging into their birthdates to determine their zodiac signs. From there, they analyzed how each sign behaves regarding dating. The study covered everything from profile completion and smoking habits to parenthood preferences, desirability, and even zodiac sign compatibility.

According to the study, Virgos are the top contender as the most desired zodiac sign. They snagged the highest number of matches at 8.91%. Not too far behind are Sagittarius and Libras, with 8.89% and 8.75% of matches.

Interestingly, the study revealed a different story regarding the zodiac signs with the fewest matches. It turns out that Cancer, Aquarius, and Pisces didn’t quite hit the jackpot in the dating game. These signs landed at the bottom of the list, with Cancer securing 8.01% of matches, followed closely by Aquarius with 7.85%, and Pisces at 7.65%.

When it comes to match combinations, there’s one dynamic duo that steals the spotlight. Scorpio and Cancer take the crown as the ultimate power couple, with an impressive power percentage of 10.60%. Sagittarius and Taurus don’t exactly hit it off, scoring a meager 6.25% in compatibility.

Sometimes, despite the initial excitement, matches just don’t pan out as expected, leaving users with a sense of regret. For instance, more than half of Libras matches (51.02%) ended up being deleted. Based on the study, Pisces men had the highest regret rate, with 49.51% of their matches being deleted.

The study revealed some intriguing highlights worth noting. When it comes to the desire for parenthood, Leos take the lead and wear the crown, closely followed by Aries and Capricorn. Scorpio males stood out as the most committed when it comes to making a relationship work.

if you’re curious to learn more about the cosmic connections in romance, check out the complete study here.

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