There are some professions out there that can get people a little hot under the collar., an online retailer specializing in adult toys, recently conducted a series of surveys to explore which professions are deemed the “most sexually attractive” by both men and women. To compile their data, they reached out to more than 1,000 sexually active adults, aiming to definitively determine which professions are universally perceived as the most sexually attractive. When they dug into the survey results, it was clear that men and women had different ideas about what they find sexy.

The sexiest profession according to women.

In the ladies’ category, firefighters emerged as the top choice, with 39% of women admitting to feeling the heat at the mere thought of them. Builders followed closely behind with 38% of the female vote. Maybe because of their hands-on expertise? Interestingly, builders also proved to be a hit among the younger crowd, with 37% of those aged 18 to 24 deeming it the sexiest profession.

Remember the saying about women falling for men in uniform? Well, the survey results support that notion, with 25% of women confessing to being most attracted to police officers.

The sexiest profession according to men.

Now, let’s flip the script and talk about men’s preferences. Flight attendants soared to the top, with over 37% of men being attracted to women in that profession. Nurses claimed the second spot with 34% of the male vote, continuing the trend of stereotypical fantasies. And rounding out the top three sexiest roles is secretary, earning 24% of the votes.

The least sexy profession is…

While men and women may have differing opinions on the sexiest professions, they surprisingly share a unanimous decision on the least attractive role. Sorry to all the judges out there, but with a mere 0.75% of the votes, they’ve been dubbed the least attractive profession across the board. The study found that judges couldn’t quite make the sexiness cut, regardless of one’s sexual preferences.

Take a deeper dive into the complete study and discover all the juicy details behind the rankings here.

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