There have been only a few new updates today regarding the Titan, the missing submarine that was headed to the site of the Titanic. The submersible is still missing.

However, earlier today it was reported that banging noises were picked up by sonar Tuesday and Wednesday morning. CNN reported that the US Coast Guard has not identified the source of banging noises. This was considered to be a small encouraging sign. CNN also explained that the weather has at least cooperated for rescuers since the submersible was reported missing Sunday night. There have not been any massive wind changes that would make search efforts more difficult.

Expanded Search

The search was expanding “exponentially” across a surface area roughly two times the size of Connecticut and 2.5 miles deep,” Capt. Jamie Frederick, the First Coast Guard District response coordinator, explained in a news conference Wednesday afternoon.


One of the biggest pressing concerns is the remaining oxygen. Experts now believe there is less than one day’s worth of oxygen supply remaining with the submersible. The Titan is a 21-foot submarine. OceanGate Exploration, the company that owns Titan and operates dives to the Titanic, made successful dives to the shipwreck in 2021 and 2022.

Coast Guard

The US Coast Guard Northeast division has been posting search updates to their social media pages as they have them, in addition to streaming the live press conferences. This graphic posted at 4:20 pm ET shows a diagram of the completed searches. They also shared that an aircraft conducted a search spanning 879 miles over the area. Finally, the US Coast Guard started the day confirming their three search vessels that had arrived on the scene. One of them was the John Cabot, which has side-scanning sonar capabilities.

We will continue to post updates on the missing Titanic submarine search as they become available.


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