In today’s digital age, social media has become an integral part of our lives. It allows us to connect with friends, share our thoughts (and maybe over-share them), and express ourselves freely. However, with this freedom comes responsibility, as certain social media behaviors can have serious consequences. These actions, often referred to as social media sins, can damage relationships and reputations and even have legal implications. asked over 3,000 Americans whether they had committed ten social media sins.

According to the poll, the biggest social media sin is getting into arguments with other users. Apparently, 38% of people admitted to doing it. Coming in at the second most common social media sin is the classic move of posting something in the heat of the moment and then instantly regretting it. A solid 29% of people have fallen victim to that one. A surprising 23% confessed to sending sexually provocative messages.

More Social Media Faux Pas

The list of social media sins doesn’t stop there. It turns out that leaving mean or abusive comments on someone’s post is a big no-no, with 22% of people guilty of doing it. Another offense that made the cut, at 20%, is posting a photo or video of someone without their consent. And let’s not forget about those who love to argue with celebrities online or the sneaky people who engage in catfishing or pretending to be someone else. While not as common, these behaviors still made their way onto the list of social media sins.

The study also dived into the states with the highest instances of social media misbehavior. Leading the pack in the Top 10 is New York, where 62.1% of people were found to commit social media sins on average. Following closely behind is Washington with 46.3%, and Illinois secures the third spot with 44%. Not to be left behind, Alaska claims the fourth spot, while California takes the fifth. Rounding out the list, is Colorado at number six, followed by Texas, Nevada, New Jersey, and South Carolina.

Navigating the world of social media requires a thoughtful approach and an understanding of the potential pitfalls. Take a look at the study here.

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