In the ever-evolving world of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a powerful force, revolutionizing various industries. From healthcare to finance, AI’s capabilities seem limitless. It’s also shaking things up in the world of bartending. In the future, artificial intelligence might be able to handle customers’ orders at bars and even identify regular patrons. This shift is expected to occur gradually as the food and hospitality industries begin to embrace AI integration in their daily operations.

As reported by Fox News, Glenn Tait, the product director of Zonal, a tech firm in the UK catering to the hospitality industry, outlined six major ways AI is going to revolutionize the food and hospitality sector.

The product director of Zonal says AI will shape the industry in six game-changing ways.

AI will automate restaurant bookings and handle customer responses while improving stock management. AI’s hyper-personalization will provide tailor-made interactions, which customize the customer experience. And there will be no more equipment breakdowns with AI’s predictive maintenance, according to Tait. Lastly, AI bartenders will have facial recognition.

The hospitality industry is slowly embracing AI and Tait emphasized its potential. The hope is that it will streamline work and improve customer experiences. He also pointed out how AI can analyze data at lightning speed. While many fear a “Terminator-style” future, Tait noted that AI is already incorporated into our daily lives. We encounter AI in various forms, like facial recognition technology and fully automated vehicles.

“This technology can in fact, work in the background to help pubs, bars and restaurants create better experiences for their customers – without taking over the experience,” Tait said to Fox News Digital. “We still need the human touch in hospitality, but using AI can save staff valuable time by streamlining processes and managing workflows, which leaves operators and staff with the headspace to focus on what they do best – delivering exceptional customer service.”

Eighty percent of customers, according to Tait, want restaurants and bars to somehow personalize their experiences, and AI offers the opportunity for a machine to record patrons’ preferences to rely on when a customer returns.

Are These The Best Beers?

Summer is coming, and that means sitting on the patio sipping a frosty brew with your friends! The “patio beer” is one of my favorites, especially as someone who lives in the Midwest where apparently it’s still winter in May. We sat down and thought about it, and there are plenty of great beers one can have throughout the year! Here’s some other great beers we’re looking forward to having this year!

  • The Patio Beer

    As mentioned above, the patio beer is one of our favorites. Whether it’s a warm spring day or a cool summer night, the patio beer usually means we’re hanging out in someone’s bitchin’ backyard or at one of the many restaurants that feature a patio. More often than not, the restaurant patio is next to a busy road so we’d prefer the backyard patio beer.

  • The Airport Beer

    There are many positive parts to the airport beer. First, there are really no laws or judgement when it comes to the airport beer. You’re more than likely heading out on a vacation which means it is acceptable to order that beer at 7AM, maybe even two! No better way to start a vacation than with an overpriced beer before you board your plane. You don’t even care about how much it cost because you’re heading out on VAY-CAY! The other side of the airport beer is when you’re heading home from your travels. Maybe it was a work trip that was successful or less than successful, the airport beer is here to support you. Maybe it was a great vacation and you’re ending on a high note, airport beer is here to wrap things up the fun way! And if your vacation was less than ideal, airport beer is here for your sorrows. You really can’t go wrong with the airport beer.

  • The Airplane Beer

    A lot of similar positives as the airport beer. Are they overpriced? Sure, but sometimes you need it. Just keep in mind that alcohol affects you differently at 30,000 feet. As someone who once left her wallet on the plane after a few beers, you’ll want to remember this one.

  • The Happy Hour Beer

    It doesn’t get much better than leaving work early and heading to happy hour! Usually there’s a discount on the drinks and the appetizers! You can’t beat that! Especially if it’s on a Friday!

  • The After Work Beer

    Not to be confused with the happy hour beer. The after work beer usually has a different motive going into it. The after work beer is when you and one or two co-workers finish out your full day at work and then decide you HAVE to go get a beer because something ridiculous happened that day. Was it a meeting that could have been an email? Did your computer crash in the middle of a presentation? Did you have a super successful sales meeting and you want to celebrate with your work besties? The after work beer is always there for your ups and downs.

  • The Beer League Beer

    A lot of us played sports in our youth, and at some point we realized we weren’t getting scouted to play at a D1 college and certainly not making it to the big leagues. That’s where the beer league comes in! The beer league is where you can still play your favorite sport and drink a frosty brew when you’re on the bench. Some people take the beer league a little too seriously and ruin it for everyone else. If you’re that person, relax. It’s beer league. You’re not playing in the majors and you never will.

  • The Beach/Pool Beer

    Is there anything better than sitting on a beach or pool deck, wind in your hair, sipping your favorite brew? No, there’s not. If you’re enjoying a beach/pool beer, you’re probably on vacation which is a great place to be. Just make sure the beach/pool allows alcohol and that it’s in a can. Glass isn’t typically allowed in these places, and don’t forget to clean up after yourself!

  • The Hotel Balcony Beer

    The hotel balcony beer has a similar feel to the beach beer. You’re probably on vacation and getting ready for a night on the town. Or you just got back from having beach beers. Either way, it’s always fun to drink a beer on a balcony with your buds on vacation!

  • The Break-Up Beer

    Did you just break up with your long time partner? Maybe it was a quick fling. It doesn’t matter, beer is always there for you. In the words of country singer Luke Combs, “beer never broke my heart.”

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