In the era of social media, sharing vacation photos and videos has become the norm for many. Some people eagerly post their favorite memories from their getaways, hoping to showcase the beauty and excitement of their adventures. However, as with any trend, there are aspects that can become overdone. Sometimes, they can be downright annoying.

Planetware, a travel guide website, sets out to find which posts you’re better off skipping this vacation season. To accomplish this, they conducted a survey targeting social media users and asked various questions based on their experiences and preferences. If you value your followers’ opinions, it would be wise to take heed of the findings and refrain from sharing the posts that people find most annoying before posting after your vacation.

Topping the list are thirst traps, which refer to provocative or flirty photos and videos posted to attract attention from viewers. While half of the surveyed people find these posts annoying, it’s worth noting that many have indulged in such content. Even celebrities, including actors, athletes, and musicians, have joined the game, sharing their most scandalous vacation visuals on social media.

In the second and third positions, their findings revealed vacation countdowns (54%) and throwback posts from past vacations (53%). These types of posts may be particularly irksome to the 25% of respondents who won’t be vacationing this year. Alternatively, jealousy may play a role, as 53% of those surveyed admitted to feeling envious when seeing others’ vacation posts.

A common theme in their data is the annoyance caused by excessive posting. According to the study, sharing too frequently is a way to irk those on your social media timeline. In fact, they say posting on a daily basis could even lead to losing followers for 49% of respondents. Furthermore, close to one-fifth of the participants confessed to unfollowing or muting someone due to an overload of vacation photos.

On a positive note, not all vacation posts are considered bothersome. Their findings showed that 70% of people find videos on social media that showcase must-do activities in specific cities or vacation destinations to be helpful for their trip planning. Similarly, 44% appreciate it when others share their vacation regrets, allowing them to avoid making similar mistakes.

Check out the full study breakdown here.

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